Are your images coming out flat? Out of focus? Lacking the pop and pizazz to dazzle your customers or admirers? Image Enhancement is exactly what you need.

Our Image Enhancement Service includes:

  • Sharpening & De-Blurring

  • Colour Enhancements

  • Toning & White Balance Corrections

  • Noise & Grain Removal

  • Shadow & Highlight Adjustments

Image Enhancement is often very subtle but it can be the difference between a lifeless image and an image that really grabs people's attention. Some aspects of our image enhancement process are included in our Retouching & Restoration processes but procedures such as re-focusing blurry shots can be time consuming and it may not be necessary to make some of the more comprehensive adjustments to your image. This is why we offer Image Enhancement separately.

Prices start at £5 per image and are based on a fee of £20 per hour

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