Artificial Intelligence has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years. There are now numerous apps and websites offering colourisation and some of them are very impressive! With that said, we haven't come across a single one that routinely offers the complete picture, free of unwanted anomalies. Whilst these algorithms can do most of the hard yards, there's no substitute for the human touch to finalise and perfect the colourisation process.

Our Image Colourisation Service includes:

  • White Balance Correction

  • Shadow & Highlight Adjustments

  • Full Colour Injection

  • HSL Colour Correction (For post-colourised images)

Image Colourisation is a delicate process and one that can be very time consuming.

For this reason, we can use third party applications such as "Neural Filters" in Photoshop to lighten the workload and cut the cost. However, our default process is to use our comprehensive selection of reference images to manually paint in the colour.

Prices start at £5 per image and are based on a fee of £20 per hour

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